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In addition getting to know me in the “About me” section, I wanted to detail what you can expect from me as you become a consumer of my blog.

Goal #1: I want to help you. I know how tiresome it can be to take that long commute every morning and afternoon to and from work or to work a schedule that you would prefer not to. I’m still doing it! My goal is to make this blog my Full-Time job so that I can devote as much time as possible to helping you achieve your financial and career goals, while achieving mine as well.

Goal #2: Frequent posts. You can expect a new post and job listings from me at least every other day during the week. These will include listings that have been evaluated and verified for legitimacy. The reason I do plan to post job listings every other day is because I’ve become an expert of sorts when it comes to job openings. I know that typically, the best Work at Home opportunities are not going to be uploaded everyday. With posting these every other day, I can ensure that you, my awesome readers, are getting the best opportunities provided to you!

Goal #3: Further Development. If it’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my years of working in Business, it’s that you can never learn too much. I’ve always been excited and skilled with writing but it takes a person with patience, persistence, and great time management skills to run a blog as a business. I plan to do continuous research in all applicable areas because as we all know, companies will continue to utilize freelancers, direct hire and virtual contractors to work for them, just as the internet will continue to grow, expand and develop. In the future, you can expect products from me to help you develop as well, such as E-books, courses, resume coaching, and video tutorials.

Goal #4: Last but not least, have fun! You can expect occasional, fun and quirky posts about all topics pertaining to working from home. Once my blog has become more established, you can expect giveaways, shoutouts, and exclusive content from guest bloggers for your entertainment needs.

There you have it! I’m not sure if this is a common post that bloggers post but who wants to be common anyway?

Happy Reading!

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