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Have you ever had anxiety before attending a job interview? Stumbled on your words or didn’t know how to answer an unexpected question? This happens all too often in the business world and it’s hard to be completely prepared for something so unexpected.

Virtual interviews can be just as challenging as In-person interviews, and the majority of Work At Home positions will require a virtual or phone interview. I can help you prepare for that!

I have many years of experience coaching and interviewing candidates in the corporate world, and I have sat through several virtual and phone interviews in different industries so I know what to expect and how to land a great opportunity! I landed my first work at home job after only two virtual interviews and I would love to give you a success story similar to what I’ve had. I offer one on one interview coaching via video call or if you prefer, a powerpoint presentation and conference call via Google Hangouts to help you go into your next interview feeling confident, assured and ready for any curveballs that might get thrown your way.

My services include:

Interview Toolbox $5 – I will send you my personalized summary of modern interview tips and sample questions that today’s hiring managers are asking as a study guide to use prior to your interview.

30 Minute Refresh session $20 – This session is good for those that are switching jobs or career fields and just want a refresher on the updated interview questions that may be asked. Includes sample questions from the interviewer and acceptable answers, sample questions to ask the hiring manager, and basic dos and don’ts for before, during and after the interview. Google Hangouts video call is included if desired.

45 Minute Preparation Session $40 – This session is good for those just entering the virtual workforce and don’t know where to start with how to engage in a successful interview. We will go over sample questions from the interviewer and acceptable answers, body language, do’s and don’ts before, during and after the interview, and sample questions to ask the interviewer to show interest. We will also discuss the warning signs that a hiring manager is asking you illegal questions, and what to do about it. Google Hangouts video call included and is recommended so I can provide feedback on your responses and body language.

**Payments are accepted via paypal in advance of the session. I will send you an invoice once you confirm which session you would like.  Once payment is made, we will set the date of your session.**

Thanks for your support!

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