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Fiverr is a Freelance Services Marketplace where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even business owners, offer their services to customers that are looking for particular assistance for a low cost. Most Fiverr gigs start out at $5 and will increase, depending on how complex the customer’s request is. I decided to try Fiverr out as a seller, since I already used the site as a buyer.

Set Up

Creating a gig was super easy to do. All you need to know is what type of gig you’re going to offer. Make sure you choose a service that you know you have good experience in and can provide quality service.

After account set up, you start by entering the title of your gig, category, and add relevant tags so people who need your service can easily find your gig. It even has video tutorials to help you with set up. I would recommend checking out the marketplace first to see what gigs are being offered by others and how popular they are as that could help you gig with ranking.

Gig Dashboard

Once you’ve set up your gig you can go to the gig dashboard to look at your gig from a seller perspective and see if there’s anything you want to change. This is what it would look like:

You can set up as many gigs as you think you can handle. Set your pricing to stay competitive with others offering the same type of gig and you could be well on your way to earning extra income every month!


Fiverr offers an analytics page so you can see how your gigs are doing and this will help you create a strategy for better promotion. The analytics page shows your earnings, completed orders, average selling price, overview, performance, ratings, seller level and world domination level (sounds cynical, but it’s actually great to see). This is great data to keep your sales moving in the right direction.

5 Tips For Success As a Newbie On Fiverr

1.) Fiverr’s cut of what you earn on each sale is 20%. So for example, if you sell a service for $5, you get $4. If you sell a service for $10, you get $8 and so on. That’s not a bad fee to pay and the possibilities are endless as far as how much you can make.

2.) Fiverr requires consistent promotion in order for you to drive traffic to your gigs. Some common places to promote are your blog or website, social media accounts, and by word of mouth. You can even promote by buying a gig from another seller that promotes fiverr gigs for $5. Yes, people do actually sell promotion there too!

3.) If you’re looking at making a steady part-time income or anything close to a full-time income, you will need to post multiple gigs. The average person posts between 10 and 20 gigs at one time. You should start out slow, and then increase the amount of gigs based on how much time you have available to complete them without sacrificing quality.

4.) You should make sure to keep your seller ratings up. If you can’t complete a gig on time, cancel it. That’s better than delivering the customer a gig later than promised, as more than likely you will incur a bad review. Customers can still give bad reviews for cancelled gigs but if I’m a customer, I’m less likely to turn away from someone that cancelled a gig versus someone that failed to deliver as promised.

5.) Buy other people’s gigs. Get used to the service so you know how it works from a buyer’s perspective and other sellers will be appreciative and may return the favor to you.

I will post an update at the six month mark on how I’m doing in regards to sales on Fiverr. I have 5 gigs posted and in the first 24 hours, I received 2 requests so I’m thinking this will turn out very well!

Have a talent or a knack for something that could help others or do you need a task completed for a low price? Try Fiverr for yourself! Use my exclusive link to get your first $5 gig free! Use it to buy one of my gigs or try any seller’s gig. Enjoy!

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Also, here’s my Fiverr seller page, for a list of gigs I offer:



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