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Picture this: You are working for a company you’ve been an employee of for several years. You are used to your $40,000 salary and daily routine but you know it isn’t everything you want. Your friends and family would think you’ve gone crazy if you tell them you are considering taking a 10% pay cut for a work at home job.

For many people, money is everything

Some people would leave a job that they love and have been at for years, for one that is paying them more money. In a world where the cost of living and expenses increase every year and household sizes continue to grow, it’s understandable that people constantly think about money.

However, what if that isn’t your main focus? What if the desire to spend more time with your kids, have more time to take care of yourself, or stop sitting in traffic everyday is more important than the salary you make? I’m hearing from more and more people than ever before that the latter is more important to them.

But how should you go about it? Do you quit cold turkey so you have more time to look for a work at home job? Do you start your own business? And the big question: Do you take a pay cut and accept a work from home job? There are many ways you can make money from home, as you can see from the resources I provide on this blog and my weekly job leads .

First of all: NEVER, EVER, QUIT YOUR JOB BEFORE YOU HAVE ANOTHER ONE LINED UP unless you are quitting due to unbearable circumstances. Trust me, I made the mistake of doing this, and even though I was only unemployed for about 45 days, it took months for me to catch up financially. Lesson learned there.

So, should you take a pay cut to work from home? The answer to that is – WEIGH THE PROS AND CONS

If no one has ever told you, I’m going to be the first to say that it is OK to take a pay cut, especially if the pros outweigh the cons. Check out this info-graphic for more details:


One other point I wanted to mention: Make sure with the pay cut, you can still afford to pay your bills. If you choose to cut back on bills and remove some things, then that’s fine, but it has to be enough to still provide a comfortable living for you and your family.

Now of course, these factors are going to vary based on what type of work at home opportunity you are considering; however, you will experience at least one of these with any work at home job. In regards to starting your own business from home, sometimes it’s easier to transition by working for an at home employer first so you get accustomed to the lifestyle change. If you are interested in home business ideas, there’s a post for that too! Check it out here.

Working from home is not for everyone. You have to be self-disciplined – side note: this is not the time to binge watch This Is Us or Chicago Fire – extra side note: I love those shows! You have to be organized and you have to be committed, even when it seems hard at first. It’s like taking college courses online. There’s no professor physically there to help you when you have questions and you have to finish your coursework within the time allotted. If you can handle those changes and are ready to embrace working from home, then the pay cut should be a small SHORT TERM sacrifice for lasting happiness.

Until next time!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this article. Yes, it is advisable to start a side hustle while on your current job, then after getting grounded in terms business stability you can now decide to quit your job.

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