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It can be difficult trying to work from home if you’re a stay at home parent, due to having your kids in the home with you. Most phone jobs require a quiet, uninterrupted environment in order to take customer calls and attend training; however, it’s not impossible! There are work at home jobs out there that you will be able to do even if you have some background noise throughout your work day. This could be from children, pets, or your mother-in-law that comes by to visit every Tuesday!

I wanted to focus on stay at home moms and dads with this post, in hopes that you will be able to secure a great work at home opportunity without the added expense of childcare accommodations or the need to kick people out of the room while working.

The most common type of job that actually welcomes background noise, is


Phone Mystery Shopping

This type of mystery shopping is a great way for businesses to find out if they are provided great customer service over the phone or what they need to improve on. As a phone mystery shopper, you would be calling businesses and pretending to be a customer looking for a specific product or service. You would gather information such as who you spoke with, how they answered the question, and any other information required by the client. Background noise is encouraged with this type of job because it helps you seem like a normal customer, calling to make an inquiry. You don’t want to give away the fact that you are a mystery shopper. The more noise, the better!

Below are several companies that offer phone mystery shops as of the date of this post (each of these companies are legitimate and appear on the MSPA website – if you’re unsure what that is, check out my post on mystery shopping HERE:

Perceptive Strategies – Focuses on healthcare mystery shopping calls.

Shopper’s CritiqueFocuses on retail mystery shopping calls.

Yardi Matrix – Seasonal phone mystery shops check on rent prices at apartment complexes

Skil Check – A variety of mystery phone shops (must have unlimited calling plan)

Reality Based Group (RBG) – A variety of mystery phone and video shops

Keep in mind that some of these companies will offer regular mystery shopping as well, where you go to to a physical location and purchase specific products. You can choose which type of mystery shops you want to complete and if you sign up with multiple companies, you may have a steady flow of phone shops each week. The more varied you are in the type of mystery shops you can complete, the more shops you will be assigned each week, resulting in a bigger paycheck. Pay will vary for each company, also dependent on the client.

Another category to consider is


Email or Chat Based Jobs

With these types of jobs, you will be responding to customer inquiries via email or chat. These jobs are very popular, and as a result, usually don’t open as often as phone jobs; however, they can provide a more stable income than phone mystery shopping. Keep an eye on out my WEEKLY JOB LEADS or subscribe to my blog to ensure you don’t miss opportunities like these, as I will post them as soon as I find out they are open. Below are some companies that typically hire for these types of jobs, and the name of the positions. If they are not currently hiring, sign up for job alerts on the company’s career page so you can get an email when those jobs are open again. For job alerts, use keywords such as “chat” or “email” and the system will send you jobs that match those keywords.

ShippoCustomer Success Representative

Sedgwick CMSE-mail Support Rep

The Chat Shop – Live Chat Agents

IbottaIbotta Care Agent (Colorado residents only)

ModSquadOnline Moderators

Sitestaff – Chat Host

Support.comRemote Services Technician

Uber – Community  Support Representatives


Some examples of other jobs you can do, that you’ve probably already heard of are writing jobs, blogging (check out my post on How to start a blog HERE) or in home childcare. If you have some administrative experience, sites like Time etc. and Upwork  can be good for non-phone jobs.

I have some additional freelance business ideas in THIS POST that you can start with a minimal budget, depending on what you choose.

Do you have other ideas to share or do you work from home as a stay at home parent? Comment below!

Good luck!

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10 thoughts on “Flexible Work at Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms and Dads”

  1. Such a great post to help stay at home moms find a way to make some extra money while taking care of their little ones. I remember how hard it was finding something to do to help contribute to bills and extra activity’s.

  2. Thank you for this! As a stay at home mom, I know the struggle of trying to work (or blog) with two littles running around. But these fit right into my schedule. Definitely going to look into some of them.

    1. It was new to me too. I tried it for the first time a few years ago and it was a good experience. I can see why businesses would want to use phone mystery shoppers because it’s easier to “act” as a mystery shopper over the phone and get good data back for the client.

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