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Have you had the desire to break into freelance writing but aren’t sure how to make the first move? We’ve all been there as writers. With so many advertisements for online writing jobs, it’s hard to figure out which ones are the most valuable and which ones are not worth your time. In addition, the majority of writing jobs require a certain amount of experience and several professional writing samples before you can be considered.

Fortunately, there are some great companies out there that will help you build you writing portfolio while earning a decent side income, as a new writer. It is best for you to sign up for multiple sites so that you get can more job orders on a weekly basis. There are two main main categories that I am going to discuss; these include content mills and job boards.

A good note to remember is once you’ve established your writing portfolio to what you think is appropriate, present yourself and your portfolio to other companies that require writing samples and experience. This will help increase your rate and would be very beneficial if you’re looking to earn a full-time income from freelance writing.

In the below descriptions, the pay for each company won’t be listed there because it’s going to largely depend on your quality rating. The typical pay with content mills for new writers will generally range from $0.7 cents per word to $0.50 cents per word.

Content Mills – A content mill is a type of company that provides a pool of writers to clients that are looking for someone to handle their writing assignments. The company is constantly “milling” through writers to find the best fit for the content that needs to be written. The majority of the projects will be low paying but would jump-start your success in securing an online writing job.

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Below are a few of the most popular content mills that provide entry-level writing jobs:

Blogmutt – You write the posts beforehand and if the client likes them, they will buy those posts. The acceptance rate of posts submitted by writers is currently 90%. Payment is every Monday via Paypal.

TextbrokerYou choose the projects beforehand and if the client accepts your profile, you begin working on that writing project. Payment is also once per week, via paypal.

OnlineWritingJobs – You choose what writings jobs you want to work on. The pay is also weekly and increases as you successfully complete multiple jobs.

WriterAccess – You can also start off as a beginner with this site but you will have to submit writing samples. The samples won’t automatically disqualify you and are submitted to help determine what your initial star rating will be. There’s also free webinars, podcasts and eBooks available on the website to help you improve your writing.

Crowd Content – You get email notifications when a writing project is available under your star rating and you have to log in pretty quickly to claim the project before someone else does. There are a good amount of projects that you receive each week and you can sign up for multiple writing categories.

Clearvoice – You can choose which assignments you want to complete by filtering through a variety of different categories, including pay, subject, and industry. You set your own rate and are paid as soon as the assignment submission is approved by the client.


Job boards – These are going to be your everyday resources to find writing jobs. Using a job board will increase the amount of opportunities available to you, as some writing companies look for people that live in certain cities or states.

The most popular job boards to find writing jobs are:

Flexjobs – On this website, you’ll be able to find a variety of work at home and telecommuting jobs. They have a full category dedicated to writing jobs and you can search that category each day or set up a job alert for writing jobs so you get them emailed to you.

Indeed – This is a very common job board and will allow you to find many writing jobs all over the world or right in your city. Just add “writing” to the search bar and you can choose to add a location or keep it open to receive writing jobs from anywhere.

Wahenthusiast – I have a “New Jobs Alert” section on my blog that I update every week with new job opportunities. There will also be writing jobs included when available.

Craigslist – Craiglist can be a great place to find writing jobs, but you need to know what to look for when using this site. You will find writing jobs under “gigs” then “writing gigs”. Look for listings that have a website you can check out for legitimacy and don’t require you to provide unpublished writing samples.

Blogging Pro – A job board created by bloggers, for bloggers, to help you find blogging jobs and regular writing jobs.

Fiverr – I’ve done an initial review of this website, which you can find HERE. With Fiver, you can advertise your services as a writer to people looking for help writing articles, documents, or other online content. Just make sure that your set price is worth the amount of time you’ll put in on the article. A good tactic is to price your gig based on word count (example – $5 for 500 words).

Freelance Writing – There are many different types of online writing and content creation jobs on this website. Some of them are based on location like Indeed so you’ll need to make sure you read the job descriptions fully for location details.

Writer4Hire – This site is similar to a content mill, but I didn’t place it in that category because the pay is considerably more (can be found on the website). You can choose what writing jobs you want to work on from a vast selection of nearly 100 per day. The site also specifically states that entry level writers are encouraged to apply.

Upwork – This website has tons of online writing jobs available on a daily basis. The most common categories are Creative Writing, Article Writing, and Content Writing. Upwork will charge you a fee on each project you’ve completed, depending on how much you received from the project.

 Contena – This is another site that provides job opportunities in marketplace format to writers. Jobs vary in terms of experience level. There is a free membership that you can use, although the paid membership may benefit you more as a new writer, as it includes items such as the Contena Academy for writers and an area with over 400 companies you can pitch your writing skills to.

There are many more companies that hire online writers, but I wanted to include the biggest companies that also accept entry-level writers so you can get started on your paid writing journey. If you want to double check your written articles or content before submission, I would recommend Fiverr or Grammerly. I offer a best-selling Fiverr gig where I assist with proofreading and editing services for your blog, articles, documents, or websites. You always want to make sure you are submitting the best content to a client for review. This is one of the biggest factors in improving your rating on each website, and developing a pattern of repeat customers. You can make a full-time income from writing; you just have to be prepared to put in the work to build your portfolio and constantly improve your skills.

Do you have any other well-known companies that offer online writing jobs for beginners? Comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

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