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App-based money and reward opportunities are on the rise and I’m excited to share them here on my blog! If you’re a recurrent reader, you know that I’m always on the hunt for new money-making opportunities that don’t require you sitting in a boring office or standing on your feet all day. I came across a unique opportunity to earn some free Amazon gift cards in your spare time. We’ve all passed a “now hiring” sign at some point in our lives, and if we were looking for a job or knew someone that was, we would take note of the information or stop and inquire inside. Now, there’s an app that will pay you for taking a picture of these now hiring signs.  I’ve been trying out this app called Job Spotter as another extra cash/free reward option to bring to my readers.

Here are the app’s claims:

*Discover local small businesses that are hiring

*Earn Amazon gift cards by taking photos of help wanted signs and storefronts in your local area

Upon further research, I found that this app is offered by Indeed (arguably the most popular job board in the world), and they are the ones that supply the Amazon gift cards to users. The primary purpose of this app is to help bring awareness to local businesses that are hiring so those positions can get filled with eager applicants looking for jobs. The services of this app also allow Indeed to reach out to these businesses to help them with advertising, which is free for basic postings. This app is available for Android and IPhone users.

All you do is take a clear photo of the help wanted sign and the store’s name, and then submit through the app. If the photo is accepted, your account will be credited with points towards Amazon gift cards.

Some key points to remember for success with this app are:

*Make sure there are no people in your photos. This is a strict requirement, as they only want photos of the store name and now hiring sign.

* Try to take get the store name and the now hiring sign in the same photo. If you can’t you can submit two separate photos, but they prefer one.

*Submit photos from a variety of businesses if you can. From reviews, it is stated that photos of signs from major retailers will give you less points, whereas photos from smaller local businesses will yield more points.

*You have to take the photos within the app. If you happen to take a photo and later, you try to upload it to the app it will not work. Make sure the app is open and the camera is loaded before taking the photo. Verify the photo has been successfully submitted before leaving the area.

The amount of points you receive is going to vary largely on your location and the type of businesses you submit photos for. You’ll also get more points in the business accepts applications in person or has the job title on the sign. Those points go into your digital wallet and you can redeem them at any time for a gift card. There are plenty of opportunities available, from what I have seen, and the typical reward amount is 10 to 100 points per submission. Users have reported earning an average of $50 per month in Amazon gift cards.

I tested this out myself and can confirm it is legitimate and will pay you the Amazon gift cards once you have enough to redeem. 100 points equals a $1 amazon gift card so for a $10 Amazon gift card, you would need 1000 points, so keep that in mind. If you don’t pass by businesses very often, then it may take you awhile to earn a $10 gift card, but it is free money nonetheless! I would not recommend you go out of your way to find these businesses though; this is just good if you’re passing by or walking downtown and happen to see a business with a now hiring sign.

Have you heard of or tried this app before? Let me know in the comments below.

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