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If you’ve decided to pursue a career in Finance or Accounting, I have to say Congratulations! It is not an easy field to get into to, but once you have your foot in the door, you have many amazing opportunities in store for you.

Finance is a very important aspect of any organization and as a result, companies have been fairly slow in offering the ability to do this job from home; however, that is starting to change with the times. There are not a lot of companies that currently offer work at home options in these fields, but I’ve seen that more and more companies are starting to look into this benefit. If you have experience in any area of finance and accounting, the resources below could be good options for you if you’re looking for the flexibility of working from home.

I’ve also seen a trend where many people are starting their own freelance businesses from home, the most common being bookkeeping. You should also consider that as a possibility if you have experience as a Bookkeeper and have a dedicated space in your home that you can use to work on client projects.  If I come across any other companies offering work at home jobs in the future, I will definitely add them to this list. I do expect this list to grow, as many clients are attracted to the idea of using freelancers to work on their accounting projects. It saves money, and is a more flexible opportunity for all parties involved. Also, if you know of any companies that hire in this category, but are not included here, please let me know and I will definitely research them and add them to the list.

Here are five resources to get you started working from home in Accounting and/or Finance:

  1. Smartbooks – This company hires virtual bookkeepers and offers a full benefits package. Ensure that the position you are applying for is 100% remote (work from home) if that’s what you’re looking for, since some of the positions are only partially remote.


  1. Accountingdepartment – This company hires in all areas of accounting, from Bookkeepers to Controllers, and all positions are fully remote. You would be a full-time W-2 employee, which means you would qualify for all the benefits the company has to offer. The site does state that you need to reside in the U.S to be considered for employment at this time.


  1. Strategic Accounting Outsource Solutions – This company hires Certified Public Accountants for a variety of clients looking to outsource their Accounting needs. They do not have a careers page on their website; however, the jobs are frequently posted on Indeed and that’s what I’ve linked to in the company title above.


  1. Upwork – I talk about Upwork quite a bit on this blog because it’s a great resource to find freelancers for just about anything. With upwork, you can sign up as a bookkeeper or other accounting professional and set your own rates and terms for completing contracts. It’s very flexible and is good for those who are looking for variety in who they work with.


  1. Lifestyle Accountant – This is essentially a job board specifically for those interested in the Accounting career. Jobs are added daily and are fully remote positions. They range from entry to director level.


The good thing about working from home in this field, is that the pay is not going to differ much from what you would make it you worked in a traditional office setting. You can expect to make between $18 and $30 per hour, depending on several factors such as the client, location of the company, and the platform to which you are applying on. Because you will primarily work on a computer, companies feel more comfortable offering these positions with work at home options. You’ll also see that some companies may give the option to work from home on select days each week. If you love where you currently work, but want more flexibility, my main piece of advice would just be to ask! It doesn’t hurt and the worst they can say is no.

I hope this post was helpful for you and feel free to drop a comment with your questions or feedback.

Until next time!

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