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If you speak multiple languages, you already know that there are many great opportunities for you in traditional employment roles; however, there’s not much talk about specific bilingual positions in a virtual environment. One of the most popular ways you can earn money working from home with a bilingual ability is becoming a remote translator.

This is a popular option because companies that hire these roles can connect with candidates all over the world, which is a huge benefit to them, as they want to be well-versed in all language offerings. Translators can assist clients via video chat, phone, email, or occasional in-person meetings. You would also translate documents or help with tutoring services, in some cases. The usual requirement is proficiency in the language you are applying for and a college degree, but make sure you check out each link because each company will have its’ own unique requirements.

The list below contains 14 companies that offer the option to work from home as a translator.


  1. LanguageLine – This is one of the most popular companies that I’ve come across. This companies offers general translation services, so you would be translating for any industry, from banking help, to public safety calls. You are paid per minute for each call you process. The application process is easy and you will have to complete an assessment in the language you are applying for to be considered.


  1. Transperfect – Also offers general translation services in any industry and you would be a freelancer. Starting pay is about $14 per hour, but is going to depend on the project you are assigned to.


  1. Verbalizeit – Has a convenient mobile application where you can turn your availability “on” or “off” to accommodate your schedule. You are paid every 15 days and pay is based on the projects you accept. The application process is easy and also requires testing and training before you can get started.


  1. Multilingual Connections – You can work as a translator or transcriptionist with this company. They accept applicants with experience in over 75 different languages, which can be found on their site. Pay rate varies based on project type.
  2. Gengo – Once you are accepted, you choose your own projects based on your availability and desire. There’s also an online community on the website where you can go to ask questions or get feedback. You can complete work via PC, tablet or mobile phone. The average earnings are reported as around $417 per month. This will also depend on the types of projects you choose.


  1. Wordexpress – This site offers full-time or part-time freelancer translating and interpretation services with “lucrative commissions”. You must know English and at least one additional language on their list. There’s also more opportunities to earn, like voice talent services and desktop publisher openings.


  1. Telelanguage – Offers translation services over the phone. The company is based on Oregon and has many onsite positions in the Portland area. You’ll have to check the link occasionally to see when any freelance work at home opportunities are available.


  1. Translators Town – This is similar to another freelance website called Upwork. You would create a profile and advertise your translation services and what languages you specialize in and clients are able to contact you to offer a project for completion. You can also check out the client job board for any new postings and bid on those you are interested in.


  1. Language Services Associates – The majority of this company’s interpretation and translation is done via telephone. You must be fluent in English and an additional language and must pass an assessment test. It is stated on their site that they are recruiting for all languages at this time.


  1. Research Square – This company has various openings throughout the year ranging from editors and interpreters, to writers and translators. For the translator roles, you will mostly translate academic papers. Compensation is based on paper length and turnaround time.


  1. Welocalize – It doesn’t say much about their freelance translator opportunity, but you can apply to find out more.


  1. Cyracom – With this company, you will be an employee with a benefits package. Training is paid and there are also opportunities for advancement in the future. You can work in document or phone translations and there are sales positions available as well.


  1. Cactus Global – This company promises a full-time workload will be available to you. Some areas of need for translation services include medical, editing, marketing and sales. You can work as a full-time employee or a freelancer, depending on what positions are open at the time.


  1. Responsive Translation Services – You can choose a freelance translator or freelance project manager position. For the project manager position, you must reside in a north or south American time zone. For the translator position, experience in the post edit of machine translation is preferred.


I hope this list has been helpful to you. Even if you are not able to work as a translator on a full-time basis, many of these opportunities support part-time and work when you want arrangements so that you can fit them into your schedule. If you are fluent in multiple languages, I would definitely encourage you to give these companies a try. If you are interested in becoming a certified translator, you can visit the America Translator’s Association website to find out more information. Most companies will prefer applicants that are certified over those that are not.

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