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Social media is used by millions of people each day and is a prominent source of communication with family, friends, brands, and organizations. It is always evolving to keep up with the changes in our world. If you’re like me, you use social media quite a bit each day and have become somewhat of an expert in choosing the right emoji or moderating your posts to fit your needs.

With the popularity of social media, comes a need to moderate, test, revamp and survey various social media platforms. This is where social media work at home jobs come into play. Companies hire freelancers and employees to conduct various social media tasks to ensure that brand awareness is displayed appropriately and customers are getting the information and help they need. Most importantly, all you’ll need is a computer or smartphone for these jobs! You’ll have a flexible work schedule, allowing you to work on your own time. The fact that companies need to hire people to focus specifically on social media platforms, shows how integral they are to a company’s overall image and brand.

Some of the main services you will be providing include:

  • Growing and managing followers
  • Creating and scheduling attractive social media posts
  • Managing one or all social media accounts for a company or client
  • Commenting as the company or brand
  • Moderating comments added by customers or fans of the pages
  • Testing search engine visibility and page readability


I’ve come across many different work at home jobs in social media, and have created this list to showcase the top 8 companies where you can find these types of jobs.

  1. Appen – Hires social media evaluators to ensure that social media pages are being displayed properly on search engines and that the pages show quality and relevant information. Must reside in the U.S.


  1. Modsquad – Hires social media moderators to ensure that the conversation on social media platforms, forums and communities is respectful and in compliance with company standards. Must reside in the U.S.


  1. Worldwide 101 – Occasionally hires marketing and social media specialists to assist with client social media awareness and management. Usually pays fairly well, around $18 per hour.


  1. Twitch – Occasionally hires Administrative Moderators to assist with moderation of forums and Twitch communities. You will ensure that posts and comments are in compliance with Twitch’s policies. It is required that you have 2 years of experience as a manager or moderator of social media or online communities.


  1. ICUC Social– Hires full-time or Part-time content specialists to manage the online reputation of different brands. You must be proficient in English and a regular user of popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Pay on Glassdoor is reported to be between $10 and $11 per hour. Hires in some international locations, U.S and Canada.


  1. Belay Solutions – Hires virtual assistant to work in all areas assisting clients with various needs. Some of those areas of opportunity include social media management and marketing. As a VA, you can set your own schedule, and choose what rate you want to charge for your services.


  1. Time, Etc. – Another site similar to Belay that hires Virtual Assistants for projects like social media management and marketing.


  1. The Search Guru – Advertises various social media related positions, including Content Strategists, Digital Analytics, and SEO Strategists. You will need to have experience for some of the jobs so make sure you read the job descriptions thoroughly.
  1. Indeed – I always include Indeed on lists like these because It can help you find opportunities near you and in other countries, all on one platform. Just type in “Social media work at home” in the what field and click find jobs and it will show you what’s open in the U.S. You can also change to your preferred country to see what’s open near you.


  1. Facebook Groups – Groups like Social Media & Marketing Jobs on Facebook can help you find paid job opportunities. This group is moderated and currently has over 50,000 members, posting and accepting job opportunities working with social media. Make sure you ask if the position is a work at home job, if it’s not clearly stated. You can also search Facebook in the groups section for other groups similar to this one to find more opportunities.

These are the most popular avenues I’ve come across for work at home jobs in social media. For the most variety, you should consider working as a virtual assistant but if that is not a factor for you, most of the resources above always have opportunities available.

If you would like to sharpen your social media skills and turn a hobby into a career, you can also attend Social Media Manager School, which has various enrollment periods throughout the year. The material is updated as changes are made to social media platforms to ensure you are getting the most out of the available courses.

I hope this post gives you a jump start on your journey to making money with social media!

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Thanks for reading!

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