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Happy 2018! I wish all my readers a happy and productive new year. With that being said, I wanted to talk about the top 10 work at home job categories that are at peak popularity for 2018. These are categories that I’ve seen the most job openings for in 2017 and that are still going strong in 2018. From my research over the last year, I’ve been amazed by the number of companies that are offering more flexible job opportunities, which are very desired in today’s economy. Please enjoy the list of popular work at home job categories below along with some resources to get you started in each one. Also, check out my jobs of the week post to see who’s hiring as of this week.

  1. Customer Service – I had to list this category as my number one because remote customer service jobs are always open. On my jobs of the week posts, you will see these types of jobs frequently, offered by many different companies. Tasks in this category would include helping customers via phone, chat or email, filling orders, or data entry. The best resource to find work at home customer service jobs is my jobs of the week post, as they’ll always be at least 2 or 3 jobs in this category each week.


  1. Accounting – Accounting is something that can be easily done from home, which is why it makes this list. There are companies that host a completely virtual workforce with jobs ranging from entry level to professional level careers with benefits. I’ve also found that smaller local companies are offering work at home positions as well to help save on the cost of having employees at physical locations. You can check out this post on Finance and Accounting jobs to get you started.


  1. Blogging – Blogging has been around for many years and there are millions of bloggers that make money from their blogs, even if it’s just a few dollars here and there. Many have grown their blogs into businesses and make full-time incomes from the services, information and products showcased on their blog. I’ve found that those who have the most success with blogging started it as a hobby and didn’t just focus on the money aspect. If you’re interested in starting a blog, check out my How to Start a Blog post for tips.



  1. Writing – I chose to have this category separate from blogging because it entails a whole range of jobs you can do online. Magazines, blogs, and many other websites are always looking for freelance writers to submit engaging articles from the comfort of their home. This can easily be turned into a full-time job if desired, as there are hundreds of ways to make money online as a writer. My post on Online Writing Jobs for Entry Level Writers can get you started with earning cash in this category.


  1. Editing/Proofreading – This category is another popular one that is super easy to do from home. Most companies will require you to have some prior editing skills but there are some that will work with you as long as you can pass an editing or proofreading test. For those that don’t know, editing and proofreading are two different phases of the writing process so I would encourage you to do so research on the two so you can decide which area is best for you. Here’s a post on Editing and Proofreading Jobs to get you started.



  1. Social Media – Social Media is so prominent in our lives today and so many people and businesses love to be engaged with it. It is common for bloggers and businesses to hire social media influencers, moderators, and assistants to help improve their social media presence. I usually have a few of these jobs on my jobs of the week post as well. This can be combined with other categories, such as Virtual Assisting, which I’ll talk about later in the list. My post on Work at Home Jobs in Social Media is a good resource to find out more about this category.


  1. Tutoring/Grading – Online tutors, paper reviewers, and test graders are also popular avenues for someone looking to work from home with these skills. Several major companies such as Mcgraw-Hill and Pearson hire frequently for these types of positions, and there are tons of companies that hire tutors to help students from around the world. You can really make a comfortable income working from home with jobs in this category. I am currently working on a post with legitimate tutoring/grading jobs, so I will add a link here once the blog post is complete.


  1. Transcription – Transcription has always been a viable work at home opportunity and is still a popular field with good job stability. You can make a full-time income with this category and can work in a legal, medical or general transcription capacity. Many Transcriptions jobs do require you to have experience but there are online courses you can take and there are some companies that hire entry level Transcriptionists. Here’s a list of Popular Companies for Transcription Jobs for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Virtual AssistingVirtual Assisting is one category that continues to gain popularity each year. Just about every business can use a virtual assistant, from large corporations to smaller companies and bloggers. You can also start your own virtual assistant business and control all aspects to make the venture more flexible to your needs. I have a new post coming soon on Virtual Assistant jobs and will add it here when complete.


  1. Recruiting – Last but certainly not least, is the ability to recruit for people or businesses from home. I currently work from home in HR & Recruitment, full time with benefits and I absolutely love it. As you can see, I still have time to manage my blog! If you have the experience in Human Resources or Recruiting, this is an excellent category that you can easily accomplish from home. Most work at home Recruiting jobs can be found on Indeed or Flexjobs (which is where I found my job). I also post them as I find them on the Jobs of the Week


For more info on my experience and success with Flexjobs, check out my Flexjobs Review.


These popular work at home jobs categories will definitely help you start your work at home journey in 2018. If you’re already working from home and considering a career change, I hope this helps you see how many different options you have at your disposal!


Thanks for reading and good luck on your work at home journey!


16 thoughts on “The 10 Most Popular Work at Home Job Categories of 2018”

  1. This was fun to read! I guess I knew some were work from home gigs, but not others! As a fellow blogger, I am excited that we are becoming more recognized in “the workforce” 🙂

    1. Absolutely! There are still many people that don’t consider blogging a job but if you’re treating it like a business, it definitely is.

  2. This is a great post for those looking to work from home full of lots of advice and help. I will give this a share and check out FlexJobs for sure 🙂

  3. This is such an informative post! I am a blogger and it gives me the much-needed job satisfaction while I am at home, taking care of my baby. The other options sound great too!

  4. Isn’t it crazy how many opportunities exist nowadays! We just need to be smart to do our research and find what suits us best! Thanks for your post, these are all great ideas and food for thought!

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