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The demand for Virtual Assisting jobs has grown substantially over the years and 2018 is already looking to be a successful year for aspiring and current Virtual Assistants. The three main points that make virtual assisting so popular are flexibility, saving money, and variety in the tasks assigned.

For those that don’t know, a Virtual Assistant is very similar to an Administrative, Executive, or Clerical Assistant; they all work to ensure that daily management tasks are completed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Those tasks could be anything from filing and data entry, to calendar management and travel arrangements. With Virtual Assisting, there is a much bigger variety in the tasks you could be doing, depending on who you are assisting. For example, some bloggers hire Virtual Assistants to help with blog promotion, post management, and product sales. There are also fully remote companies that hire Virtual Assistants to assist with their daily office operations. Another option for Virtual Assistants is to be their own boss and start their own VA business.

The major difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Office Assistant that works at a physical location is, you guessed it, working from a remote location with a computer or smartphone. One important aspect to note is the need to be available at a moment’s notice during your shift, in case the client needs you for something urgent. This is more prominent in virtual assisting positions because you are not physically sitting in the same room as the client and they are trusting you to be available during the times agreed upon.

I know that some people worry about being on the phone all day or dealing with customer issues and complaints. The good news is that due to there being so much variety in this field, you can easily find a virtual assisting job that does not require any phone work. Once you have accumulated a good amount of experience with virtual assisting, you will, without a doubt, be able to turn this into a lucrative, long term career path. Virtual Assistants make a fairly comfortable salary. A good VA with experience can make up to $80 per hour! Most virtual assisting jobs do not come with benefits because most VAs will be considered as contractors; however, if you already have benefits under another plan then that should not be a determining factor for you. There are also options for health insurance, along with many other work at home resources in my ebook: The Rebellious Commuter Guidebook.

In the list below, I will give you all the credible resources that I have come across to get you started on your Virtual Assisting journey. I will give you a short summary of requirements, then you can click on the link for each company to find out more about these Virtual Assistant roles:


  1. Contemporary Virtual Assistance – Must live in the United States. Must be available to work at least 4 hours per day.


  1. OkayRelax – A bachelor’s degree in any related field is required.



  1. Vicky Virtual – Must live in the United States. Compensation is listed at the bottom of the job posting.


  1. Worldwide 101 – Can live anywhere in North America or Europe. Great starting pay within a stable organization. A minimum of 7 years of experience related to administration and executive assistance is required. Occasionally, they will have open Virtual Assistant positions with less stringent requirements and entry-level in nature.


  1. Upwork – This is a freelance marketplace with jobs ranging from virtual assistance and customer service to accounting and marketing. When you sign up for the site, you can choose what categories you would like to work in. As a Virtual Assistant with Upwork, you can choose which assignments you want to accept and how much time you want to commit. Requirements will vary based on client needs.


  1. Flexjobs – Flexjobs is an online remote work job board with a wide variety of jobs for freelancers, contractors or those that desire an employee based full-time or part-time career. I have a full review on Flexjobs and my success with this resource, which can be found for review HERE. Flexjobs does come with a cost, but you’ll see from my review that the small cost is worth it for an exciting, comfortable, and flexible work at home career. If you do decide to sign up, you can just type “Virtual Assistant” in the keyword box, click search, and find the right VA position for you.


  1. Fancy Hands – Must live in the United States. I talk in detail about this company as well as several others in my “Side Hustle Series Ep. 3. – Extra Cash Using Your Laptop or PC” video on my youtube channel.


  1. Equivity – Must live in the United States. A Bachelor’s degree in any subject is required. Must be available between 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday, to work part-time hours.


  1. Time, Etc. – Must have at least 5 years of relevant experience and be willing to work at least 5 hours per week.


  1. Zirtual – Must live in the United States. Has an extensive application and training process, but the reviews report that the company provides a great starting salary and benefits, which is rare as a Virtual Assistant.


  1. Belay – Must live in the United States. A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting, Finance or related field is required. 5 years of related experience is also required.


  1. PeoplePerHour – This is website for freelancers and you can bid on virtual assisting assignments that are posted in marketplace.


I will continue to add more legitimate companies here as I come across them. Another great place to find Virtual Assisting jobs is in Facebook Groups. Just search Virtual Assistant” under Groups and request to join those groups to see what jobs individuals may have available.

I also post new job leads, hot off the presses, every week on Wednesdays. You can find them HERE.

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This field is going to continue to grow as time goes on, so I am looking forward to revisiting this post to hear from some of you on how your Virtual Assistant career is going.

Thanks for reading!

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